Yoga is For Every Body

Yoga is for every body. It is true. Regardless of your age, muscle flexibility, lack of balance, weight, overactive mind, etc., yoga can help you to feel better in your body. You just need to find the right teacher and the right type of class. If you have tried one yoga class and it wasn’t the right fit, try another. If you didn’t feel a connection with the teacher, try another.

There are many different styles and levels of yoga classes to choose from.

If you are new to yoga, look for level 1 Hatha yoga classes. In Hatha yoga, the emphasis is on learning the basic poses and finding your alignment in the poses.

If you have an injury, try a gentle yoga class.  The teachers are skilled in safely leading you in and out of poses, teaching proper uses of props and helping you adapt the pose to your capacity.

If you have high levels of stress and need a relaxing class, give restorative or yin yoga a try. Restorative and yin yoga blend in the elements of a meditative practice with supportive postures that help one to unwind their tensions.

If you like a more vigorous style of yoga, there is vinyasa yoga. Vinyasa yoga combines the breath with movement into a beautiful dance from one pose to another.

If you would like to merge the alignment benefits of hatha and the flow quality of vinyasa, then align and flow is a great option for you.

Currently at Harmony Yoga Center, we are running a special for new students in the local area: 4 classes for $30. This gives you the opportunity to try some classes and find what suits you for a low cost. We look forward to seeing you on your mat. Don’t have one? We rent them for $1 and sell them in our boutique.

Beth Williams

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