​Aug 14-16, 2020
​Trout Lake Abbey

Building inner strength for a more compassionate world.

Join Liya Leng, Rebecca King, Jana Miller, and Whitney Handrich for a heart-centered yoga retreat to deepen your practice, build community, and cultivate self-compassion.

This is a family friendly retreat held at the foot of Mount Adams with camping and B&B options for accommodation. We will practice athletic classes like Vinyasa and Forrest Yoga as well as soothing Gentle Hatha, Yin, and Thai bodywork. Ground your physical practice in guided meditation. 

We hold this retreat as an offering with humility, gratitude, and joy. We are incredibly excited to see you there!

Though the retreat starts at 4p, we strongly encourage you to leave Portland by 1p, or earlier, to avoid traffic and make the most of your retreat weekend.

​Adult Retreat Registration:
$120 per Person for Yoga & Meals
Plus $50-260 for Accommodation (see below for accommodation choices)

Children's Retreat: $95/child
Includes 5 children's yoga / craft / nature classes & a family yoga class Registration fee due at the time of sign-up. Refundable up to July 16 (one month before the retreat). After July 16, it is non-refundable but is transferable to other retreats, should you be unable to make it.

Adult Companion Not participating in Yoga - $40

For More information about the Retreat and Register click here

All payments for accommodations are through the Abbey directly. Check out photos of the rooms in the B&B at the Trout Lake Abbey website. There are photos below of the campsite, meditation huts, and the dormitory.

and more information about Trout Lake Abbey and Accommodations can be found click here



Tent Sites

The abbey is home to the Mount Adams Zen Temple, and we are welcome to camp anywhere on their land.
$25/night/tent - This cost can be divided if you are sharing a tent with someone.

Bed and Breakfast

  • Hostel Room w bunk beds (8 beds) $55/bed/night
  • Bunk Room (one bunk with twin and double sized beds) -- $99 total/night
  • Garden Room (one double bed) -- $99
  • Man Statue Room $105 (2 twin beds, shared Jack n Jill bath with the Woman Statue Room) -- $105/night
  • Woman Statue Room (1 queen bed, shared Jack n Jill bath) -- $105/night
  • Stoller Room (king bed, private bath) -- $130/night

Meditation Huts

Individual huts with a twin sized Japanese floor futon - $55/night

Meditation Hut

Cost Breakdown for the Registration Fee:

(Meals & yoga space rental are priced without mark-up).

Group space rental
Meals $19

Friday dinner made by retreat teachers
2 light breakfasts with coffee, granola, and organic yogurt & fruit 
*Sat lunch is on your own. 
​*For Sat dinner, we will hold an optional potluck.
Tuition for yoga classes $80
4 yoga classes + Thai bodywork workshop 
                               Total $120

Children's Retreat

  • Child care is led by Whitney Handrich and Jana Miller, assisted by Becca, Liya, and Mark Tsai (Liya's husband and dad to two-year-old Sevina). Whitney is a postpartum doula and professional nanny. Jana is a kindergarten teacher with 29 years' experience. They are excited to work with the children and provide age appropriate activities that stimulate the mindful development of your child.
  • Appropriate for ages 3 mos-9 years. Max of 16 children with 4 adults (4:1 ratio)
  • For infants, please bring your baby carrier and stroller.
  • Please pack lots of snacks/milk and a water bottle for your child. 
  • Children age 10+ are invited to join in the yoga classes and should register as adults.
  • If you have a teen who does not need child care but doesn't want to do yoga, they are still welcome to come. They should pay the fee for meals & group site rental ($40) and are welcome to stay with you in your room/tent.

​Sample Children's Schedule
(May be adjusted according to kids' ages).

3:30-3:45 Drop-off & Introductions

Exploration of Surroundings
Creative Movement Class
Mindful Jars Craft Project

5:45-6:15 Opening Circle - Children are welcome to introduce themselves, if they like.
Good Morning Yoga 
Breakfast / Snack
Music: Play instruments, singalong, kirtan with harmonium

11:00-12:00 Family Yoga (Parents & kids together)
​Explore Labyrinth & Druid Sanctuary 
Gratitude Scavenger Hunt
​Nature Walk - Meet the turkey, llamas, and frogs
Dinner / Snack
Nature Mandala Craft Project
Good Night Yoga
Meddy Teddy & Meditation
Mantra Rocks / Yoga Card Games 

Class Descriptions

​Gentle hatha is a slower paced class that will ease away the stress of your work week. Each pose builds upon the prior one to engage all of the major joints in the body in moving through their natural and full range of motion. This practice will help you to break out of the mold of habitual postures that cause stress to the body.

Vinyasa is a dynamic practice that links breath with movement. This athletic practice builds endurance, strength, and a steadiness of breath and mind. We will create heat in the body to detoxify stress and release endorphins.

Yoga nidra, or yogic sleep as it is commonly known, is an immensely powerful meditation technique, and one of the earliest forms of yoga to be developed. While the practitioner rests comfortably in savasana, this systematic meditation takes you through the pancha maya kosha (five layers of self). You will benefit from a profound sense of peace and rest that is equal to 5x the effect of normal sleep. 

Thai partner bodywork is an ancient branch of Thai medicine that uses massage along the meridians to not only address physical tightness or pain but also to improve the overall health of a person. It follows in the lineage of metta as a physical practice for giving and receiving kindness to each other. You will learn a 30 min sequence to perform on your partner and then switch roles. You do not have to come have a partner - we are happy to pair people up at the start of class.

Yin yoga is a series of gentle poses held for long periods that relieves myofascial tension and gradually coaxes the nervous system into a state of deep relaxation.

Forrest yoga is an active yoga style developed by world renowned teacher Ana Forrest. This practice emphasizes deep breathing, core strength, and intelligent sequencing of poses to help students delve deeper into their practice in a safe and supported way.

Teacher Bios

I see with my eyes and my hands. I listen with my whole heart. And from that deep listening, I craft classes tailored to what my students need. I create a space for them to feel kindness toward themselves, which in our competitive society, we often feel we need permission for.

I teach my students how to feel in their bodies for what they need and to be able to give that to themselves. I see their strengths and vulnerabilities and meet them at their edge. For some, finding the edge means letting go of fear to go deeper into a pose. For others, it means pulling back from habitual struggle and over-effort to feel what's truly happening in their bodies.

I remind each person that there is immense healing power in being able to begin anew. Each time we notice that we drift off or sink into negative self-talk, the act of noticing and choosing to begin again is brave and noteworthy.

Jana Miller

I am the owner of a beautiful yoga studio in Newport, Oregon called Harmony Yoga Center. I came to yoga 15 years ago and have been an avid student of yoga since. I have also been a teacher of children for 29 years. My love of teaching and love of yoga came together in June of 2017 when I completed my 200 hour teacher training at Svadharma School of Yoga in Newport, OR. Shortly after I completed my 500 hour certification through Live Well Studio in Corvallis. In addition, I am pursuing a certification in Sound Healing. I am passionate about yoga and enjoy sharing that passion with others. I look forward to practicing with you! Namaste'

Whitney has been practicing yoga for over a decade, and she has traveled around the world to study yoga, meditation, acroyoga, and Thai bodywork. She completed her teaching certification in Hatha and Ashtanga yoga in Rishikesh, India. Since returning to the US, Whitney has also become certified in Kids & Family Yoga, Yin Yoga, and Prenatal Yoga. She is also certified in First Aid & CPR for adults and infants.

In Thai bodywork, Whitney combines techniques of acupressure, reflexology, and assisted yoga stretches to release muscle tension and energetic blockages in the body. She has studied acroyoga and Thai bodywork not only in Chiang Mai, Thailand, but also from expert teachers in Spain, Greece, and Bali.

​As an international adoptee, teacher and caregiver, Whitney is passionate about child development and education, and hopes to use movement, healing touch, and community to support families 

Becca found yoga by accident when a friend lent her a mat for a class at 24 Hr Fitness. After trying the class she thought, “THIS is what I'm going to be doing for the rest of my life!” Her teaching path began in 2012 when she completed Living Yoga's Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher Training and started bringing yoga into recovery centers and schools for troubled youths. In 2013 she completed Ana Forrest's 225 hr teacher training. Becca was inspired by Forrest Yoga's challenging but therapeutic approach and clear understanding of bio-mechanics. She followed this training with a year-long mentorship with senior Forrest Yoga teachers. Becca also completed the Yoga Bodyworkers training with massage therapists / yoga teachers Brian Campbell and Jambo Truong. Becca excels with working with a wide spectrum of students of all experience levels and ages. Outside of yoga, Becca enjoys riding motorcycles and nerding out on sci-fi.

We look forward to seeing you at the Abbey for a restful and rejuvenating weekend retreat!

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