Anne-Laure Peaucelle

Anne-Laure teaches balanced classes that combine mindful movement with breath, to build strength and flexibility for the body and mind.

She first came to vinyasa yoga in 2012 through the physical practice. It quickly became an integrated part of her life, and really helped dealing with the demands of a corporate job as an engineer. After spending time at an ashram she realised there was much more to yoga than asana.

Her natural curiosity and love of learning led her to complete her 200h Yoga Teacher training in Sydney, Australia in June 2015, and she has been teaching regularly ever since.

She has always been interested in yoga as a way to support mental well being and to learn more about how yoga can help, particularly in the context of trauma and PTSD, she started working towards a Graduate Certificate of Yoga Therapy in 2016.

Yoga therapy has added a new dimension to her teaching and she has brought yoga to a variety of places, ranging from gyms and yoga studios, to hospitals and rehabilitation centers. Anne-Laure has been working with people from all walks of life, including veterans and trauma survivors. Always incorporating therapeutic yoga and encouraging her students to become curious about what is happening in their bodies and minds, her intention is to empower her students to build self-awareness and resilience using the simple yet powerful tools of yoga.