Temporary Closure

TDear Harmony Yoga Family,
I am absolutely heartbroken.  As of today, I have decided to close Harmony Yoga Center until the end of the month.  I believe that by doing so, it may help slow the spread of covid-19, so out of respect for our collective health, I am asking for your patience and understanding.  Harmony Yoga Center has become a home, a place of belonging, and a family.  I will miss the laughter and the peanut gallery.  I will miss the comfort of knowing we all are in this together.  I will miss the pause. You know I adore you all!  Please stay in contact with us.  I will be in the studio often.  It has become my 2nd home.  Instructors are also meeting with students privately.  If you are interested in this option please let me know.  
We will begin to utilize Zoom to live stream classes as soon as possible to help us stay connected.    We will also livestream from the studio.  Expect more information regarding how to access classes soon.  Brock is coming home Tuesday and will help me get set up, and I believe know we have teachers eager to connect with you.  
Hugs to you, Love to you, Stay Healthy, Happy, and Safe!